Hi!  My name is Zoe Guigueno and I play bass (mostly upright, a little electric here and there), sing, and write songs.  I do a lot of recording, touring, and teaching. I live in Brooklyn, New York, although most of my time is spent on the road.  I grew up in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, got a music degree at Humber College in Toronto, and couch-surfed in Boston for a year before arriving at where I am now.  A lot of my story can be told through the different bands I've played in, so below you will see a list of projects, from most recent to most ancient.  

above photo by Adam Frehm


Della Mae

photo courtesy Jason Zucker

photo courtesy Jason Zucker

I joined Della Mae in 2015 right after they recorded their third album.  My first gig with them was at Big Sky Bluegrass Festival in Montana, where I almost died skiing.  Now I travel the world with this amazing group of women and we are currently writing a new album.



photo courtesy Luisa Muhr

photo courtesy Luisa Muhr

I joined up with the New York klezmer/yiddish group Tsibele in 2017 to record the band's debut album, Indroysn iz Finster/It's Dark Outside.  I love playing in this band partly because every rehearsal is a dinner party.


Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards

Still courtesy Susan Bibeau

Still courtesy Susan Bibeau

I am one of the rotating bassists in Laura Cortese's fabulous quartet of singing string players, the Dance Cards.  Touring with this band involves facilitating a postcard-writing station at each show, and hiking whenever possible.


Joe K. Walsh, Walsh/Woodsmith Quartet


Playing with mandolinist, singer and songwriter Joe K. Walsh is a very freeing experience. It just feels easy.  I play with him in a variety of configurations, one of which is a quartet with Celia Woodsmith (from Della Mae) and the great fiddler Bobby Britt (Town Mountain). 


Joy Kills Sorrow


Joy Kills Sorrow was a big turning-point in my life - I left Canada and started touring the US with some of the best musicians I had ever played with - Matt Arcara, Wes Corbett, Jacob Jolliff and Emma Beaton.  We recorded an EP together, though the band had two fabulous albums out before I joined (Bridget Kearney was the bassist before me & wrote a lot of the band's material).  We disbanded in 2014.


Bull Kelp

Still courtesy Jacob Blumberg

Still courtesy Jacob Blumberg

Bull Kelp is a duo project with one of my favourite songwriters and singers, Taylor Ashton.  We made an album in 2012 called Painting & Drawing which you can find on Bandcamp.  In the last few years we co-wrote two songs, Tangled Yarn and Shoreward, which were captured on video by Jacob Blumberg.  


Fish & Bird


I was a full-time member of the Vancouver-based band Fish & Bird from 2009-2011, and one of the rotating bassists since then.  I'm really proud of the albums I made with them:  Every Whisper is a Shout Across the Void (Fiddlehead Records, 2011) and Something in the Ether (Fiddlehead Records, 2014).